Executive Search

Are you looking to help your company disrupt the market? 

Start the movement by choosing us for a fresh, new executive search. 

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Are we what you are looking for?

Do you want to solve business challenge’s through people?


Do it through the lenses of business leaders. We believe the goal of finding talent needs to be 100% connected with business challenges and with finding solutions to its points of pain. We have all been senior business leaders ourselves, so we see PEOPLE from a BUSINESS IMPACT point of view. We’ve been there and understand the effect of good people on your results.

Do you want to find people with a startup mindset and transformation skills?


We were born as a startup and continue to preserve that feeling. This helps us understand your company’s challenges in a “1-1” approach while keeping us connected to what it needs in order to find people with this same DNA. 

Do you want to find out-of-the box candidates?


We do it with fresh eyes. No old database, no “recycling candidates.” Our unique methodology puts a tailor-made strategy in place for every client and every search. You (and your company) are unique, so your candidates should not be standard. 

We disrupt the massified approach, built to gain productivity, from big structured search firms. Our process involves “crafting” candidates based on your single inputs, with our senior-level team. We take no short-cuts. We are focused on your experience, and we want to provide you with real results because that’s our passion.

How We Do It?

Understanding Your Processes


We are interested in understanding your business. From the start, we take it very seriously. We have developed a flow where we dive into your reality, challenges and points-of-pains, and design a unique tailor-made search strategy, focused on your needs. 

The results? A high conversion rate (real short) shortlist with an in-depth evaluation of each high-potential candidate, which will incredibly save you time from having to conduct many interviews to find the right executive.

Applying our Methodology


Through our proprietary methodology, “2IA,” we aim to uncover the “true self” of every candidate, identifying the key soft skills that will transform and turnaround businesses or promote significant growth and change over the organization.

We also disrupt the standards, as our proprietary methodology is built to avoid scripts/competency-based/structured questions, used by many old-style executive search firms. This is part of the past. Our approach is a “natural flow” strategy, which makes every interview unique. This avoids pre-trained answers from candidates and allows us to give you behind-the-scenes feedback from the executives we speak to. 

Customer experience is key

Many times, we’ve heard from senior-level executives how frustrating it is not to receive feedback from the process in which they participate. At the same time, clients also feel frustrated not to have a clear vision about how their search process is going. We believe customer experience begins at the start with talent attraction, and we take responsibility to represent your brand to candidates in the best way possible. That’s why we surprise the market with a customized approach that amazes candidates from the first moment of contact.